Sprintly Labs

We're excited to showcase Sprintly Labs, an experimentation playground for Sprintly. Our goal for Sprintly Labs is to lower the barrier to getting something into our user's hands. This is a logical extension to the technical direction we're headed in.

So what is labs?

Labs is a place where Sprintly micro-services can live and be vetted by our users. If people seem to like them and how they operate, we'll consider promoting them into the main application. The speed of creating these should be relatively quick, especially as we continue to expand our ui toolkit and our data fetching libraries.


  • Kanban Board

    Ever wanted to see all of your columns on a single page? The Kanban Board shows you all of your items in an easy to use, "see it all" view.

  • Public Dashboards

    Looking for an executive-level view of your Sprintly projects that you can share with stakeholders? With Public Dashboards, you can enable team performance charts for any or all of your products. Use them to track performance, inform sprint planning, and share links to show team progress.

  • Partyline

    Partyline helps you manage projects right in group chat. Your team is already using Slack to communicate: you're discussing customer feedback and feature ideas. Create new tickets or update and delete existing ones using Slack commands. Your whole team gets notified instantly when new items are created.